11 Dec

my exams are done and i have officially completed two of my TESL courses!

i am so happy.

i can now spend as much time as i want with my little princess, miss ej and i can finally finish reading my book, ‘sacred parenting,’ that i started to read from months ago.  i can’t wait!!

i also had the best examination experience today.  teachers should learn from my exam invigilator/full-time grade 7 teacher.  before i started the exam, she made me feel relaxed, comfortable… assured me that i will do fine.  she was organized, accommodating.  she offered 5 different pens (i guess in case they run out?), offered different types of drinks, fruits, and yummy snacks.  the exam room (invigilator’s house) was bright, warm, beautifully staged and decorated with the prettiest and trendiest furniture and christmas decorations… which were mostly created/modified by her!

this individual always inspires me, every time i see her and speak to her.  no wonder she’s a great teacher, mentor and friend to so many people.  she possesses many talents and abilities that are worth bragging about yet, she is so humble and unpretentious.  she is one of my favourite people and i absolutely adore her.

today was the first time i’ve been away from miss ej for a long period of time (11 hours).  apparently, she had looked for me all day by checking each room a thousand times to see if i was there.  at times, she stood in front of the bathroom, thinking that i would come out soon.  apparently, she was sad all day and cried a lot.  i think she missed me more, because she was sick.  she needed my comfort and i feel awful that i wasn’t there for her.

today was also my husband’s company’s christmas dinner.  it started at 6 p.m. and i finished my exams at 7 p.m., arrived home at 7:20 p.m. so we didn’t  end up going.  again, i felt awful that he missed this event because of me and i regret not texting him during my exam to tell him to go without me.  my apologies to mr. jq’s bosses…

overall, the exam wasn’t too bad.  it was difficult, but at least, i knew the answers to all of the questions.  does it mean i did well?  probably not, because i’m not sure if i was able to explain my knowledge clearly and succinctly.  i’m glad it’s over and i’ll be happy with any mark, as long as it’s a passing mark.

it’s been a long day.  i’m finally going to get my well-deserved sleep!


One Response to “DONE!”

  1. jane December 14, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    you are too kind. lol honestly, that was probably one of the most fun exams I’ve ever invigilated. Make that the first one I’ve ever invigilated, but it was a treat to have you over that day!!! (aside from making al feel like a herd of 200+ people came barreling through our home, it was a successful quiet study zone) 🙂

    And tell Mr. J I’m uber sorry for keeping you. He probably had his dancing shoes on waiting to rip up the dance floor.
    And if you’re wondering, don’t hesitate to ask for the other two exams. I’ll try my best to keep quiet and to actually get some marking done! 😀

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