Special Weekend and Back to Work

13 Feb

what an eventful weekend it has been!

i have to admit.  my husband is one generous, sweet and romantic guy.  he planned a short trip to help me feel better (i’ve been sad about leaving our daughter to return back to work) and also to celebrate my birthday.  we had a great time.

when i got up in the morning next day, my husband surprised me with this lovely gift.  so nice.  he’s got good taste! 🙂


another big, sad news… we gave away my first baby… our dog, miss r.  now that i’m returning to work, my mom will be taking care of my daughter.  my mom expressed that it will be too difficult to take care of both baby and dog.  she asked that if we could give away the dog… and i also felt that my dog wasn’t getting the attention she needed/wanted.  we looked around and found a wonderful retired couple who used to own small dogs and their dogs had passed away recently.  we met them and we knew they would take good care of our dog.  they also loved miss r instantaneously, so we left her with them.  i broke down.  my husband broke down.  it was very difficult.  one of the most difficult things i’ve had to do.

over the weekend, i felt overwhelmed with a flood of emotions.  saying goodbye to my dog and my little baby daughter… wow, i feel overwhelmed thinking back, remembering how it felt.

today was my first day of work.  so far, so good.  i was scared that i would feel out of place, but it didn’t feel too weird.  i quickly got the hang of things and it was quite nice to work again.  it was definitely easier (physically) than taking care of a baby all day.  however, i missed my girl all day long.

in the morning, my daughter just knew that i was going somewhere.  she clung on to me very tightly and didn’t want to let go.  my mom said that she was fussy all morning, so i went home for lunch (it’s amazing to work close by!) to comfort my girl.  she was so happy to see me and once again, didn’t want to let go of me.  it was so nice and sad, all at the same time.  however, it wasn’t as bad or hard as i had expected and so far, i’m happy about my decision to go back to work.

i guess it will take some time to get used to the change…  my girl’s and my life will never be the same again, but i hope that it will be for the better.


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