Opposites Attract (my belated valentine’s day post)

22 Feb

warning: the following post is a bit cheesy.  if you’re not into cheese, please skip this post! 🙂

i hardly get valentine’s day gifts because my birthday is so close to valentine’s day.  this year, my husband gave me a birthday/valentine’s day gift, all in one.  nonetheless, this year’s valentine’s day was very special because my daughter and i shared our valentine… 🙂  we each got a lovely card from my husband, which reminded me of my husband’s kindness, not just to us but to everyone around him.

a few weeks ago, my friend came over to spend some time together.  she’s been praying for a guy who she can potentially marry in the future.  she’s been waiting for awhile (mostly because she is so picky) and surprisingly, through a family member, she got introduced to this amazing guy.  she described him as “more than i can ask for”.  the more i heard about him and their relationship, the more i was certain that there was something special.  it seemed too special to think that this relationship was directed by man – it had to be god!

it warmed my heart every time i thought about this couple and the enjoyment they are having, as they are getting to know one another.  it also made me warm and fuzzy, because it reminded me of the time when my husband and i were dating.  so many things happened while we were dating (too many to count), which assured me that he was the man i was to marry.  mostly, it was my husband, who communicated/convinced me that we were meant to be, but regardless, one thing i was certain was that god’s hand was in our relationship.  no matter what happened to our relationship at the time, i knew for a certain that god was in it.

a few weeks ago, my husband mentioned about his coworker’s relationship and how he was contemplating moving to a different city to be with his girlfriend that he’s only been dating for a few months.  he wasn’t really sure if she was the one, but he thought that the possibility was high.  my husband shared his experience and how he knew that i was the one.  according to my husband, most guys just ‘know’ when they meet their future wife.  i’m not sure if it’s true, but for my husband’s coworker, he didn’t have this certainty.  my husband mentioned to me, that he also shared with his coworker that we are very different and how we balance each other out.

here is an example;

i thrive on challenges and learning new things.  within 6-7 years, i’ve worked at 10 different companies.  i’ve worked in the automotive, laboratory/scientific, recruitment, food, government, consumer goods and retail industries.  i love learning new things and meeting new people.

my husband loves comfort and doesn’t do so well with change.  he loves routines and doesn’t like facing too many challenges on a daily basis.  he’s worked for a few companies and he’s always been working within the IT sector.

we are very different.

my husband and i were into ‘lin-sanity’, just like every other asian christian out there.  we watched the raptors vs knicks game (we are raptors fans by default because we live in toronto, canada) on valentine’s day.  it was even more special because they were playing in toronto.  i knew that many of our friends were cheering for the knicks because of jeremy lin and i was too.  however, my husband, who is a loyal fan of the raptors did not fail to cheer for a team that rarely gets into the playoffs.  although everyone was going crazy about jeremy lin’s game winning shot, my husband was furious that the raptors collapsed and lost.  i laughed and made fun of him for loving the raptors so much.  i even told him that i’m going to write to the raptors, asking them to give him a fan award, recognizing his loyalty to the team.  i also said that i will even get a job at the air canada centre, so that i can get him a fake award.

although i made jokes, i was secretly impressed with my husband.  his level of loyalty was something that i’ve never experienced and i knew that he would also be loyal to me and our daughter.

my husband has firm beliefs and thoughts about all things.  he’s not easily persuaded by different ideas or gimmicks.  when he likes and believes in something, he puts in all of his trust, even if it fails him many times.  this is probably why he’s so loyal.

furthermore, my husband also has this (i call it supernatural) ability to forgive others.  he doesn’t have much difficulty being friends with people who have hurt him in the past.  when he forgives, he really does and he does it genuinely.

he is also a genius when it comes to academics.  i wish i had this ability.  let’s say we both study the same stuff.  he puts in 20% of his effort and i put in 110% of my effort and we end up with the same grade.  we are currently studying together – i’m working toward tesl certification and my husband is working toward his bachelor’s degree.  i study for weeks, locking myself in a room for many hours per day, to complete one assignment.  he completes his assignments while watching tv.  i got 89% on my assignment and he got 99% on his.

the qualities that my husband possess are so different from mine and it amazes me every time.  i tell him that he’s got a special gift from god.  when i see him, i can truly understand the meaning of god’s grace and blessing.  i can see that he is favoured by god.

the funny thing is that he says the same things about me.  we both wish we could have each other’s qualities.

we can never possess each other’s qualities, but i’m so glad that through marriage, i can live vicariously through my husband and have a second-hand experience of what it’s like to be rational, loyal and smart!

maybe that’s why opposites attract and maybe god brings the opposites together!


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