Milton, Here We Come!

29 Mar

hello blog, it feels like ages since i last wrote.

so many things have happened since my last blog post. i’m finally adjusting to my new work and i actually really enjoy working. my baby girl is growing well and throwing tantrums more fiercely than ever and having a mind of her own. she only does things her way, only when she wants to. sigh…

and big news. we finally bought a house and we are really happy with our new home.

house prices are crazy these days and finding a nice house within our budget hasn’t been an easy process.

we wanted to buy a house in mississauga but with our budget, it was going to be a townhouse or rundown semi-detached home. so we ended up looking into milton and we found a great detached house that we really liked. milton is about 20 minutes away from mississauga and even closer to my current job so it worked out well.

this home was definitely meant-to-be and yes, it’s everything i’ve dreamed of! we saw the house at 7:30 pm and we put in our offer at 10 pm on the same day. they had multiple offers so we ended up going over our budget but regardless, i think the house is worth every penny. we are very thankful. it’s less than 2 years old, mattamy built and there aren’t too many things i want to fix but we still need to put up a fence and finish the basement once the house settles in.

milton is a growing community and it’s filled with new homes. the neighbourhood is quite interesting, like nothing i’ve ever seen. i’ve told my husband that our neighbourhood reminds me of pleasantville. 🙂 there is also a new elementary school nearby and i can totally picture our family settling in and living there for a long time. i’m also looking forward to reconnecting with my old friends who also live in milton and hanging out with their kids. my daughter has recently become very social, she loves hanging out with kids around her age or a bit older, so i’m looking forward to seeing her making new friends.

and bad news…

perhaps working overtime and on weekends have taken a toll on me… i’m sick again.

i’ve got the flu plus an infection. i’ve never been this sick in my entire life! i went to see a doctor yesterday and she put me on antiviral (tamiflu) and antibiotics (biaxin). it actually got worse today, coughing up bloody phlegm. i ended going to the ER and was injected with an IV and had some weird orange drink. after many hours, i was sent home. the ER was full of people who have the same type of flu. i could see the hospital staff getting very stressed out with the amount of people flooding into the ER. one of the nurses who does the registration yelled at me while taking my vitals. she told me not to fake my symptoms and that it was not going get me to see the doctor any sooner. i couldn’t believe that she was actually yelling at me in front of everyone and accusing me! i was very upset and wanted to sue her. i plan to write a formal complaint letter to the hospital. thankfully, the ER doctor was very nice and professional. he ordered appropriate tests and made sure that i was taken care of.

i’ve been working on the weekends because i have 6 big projects that are due in a month or so. all the work i’ve done over the weekend didn’t really help, now that i’ve missed 2 days of work! i’m so behind and i feel stressed even thinking about work. sigh…

this year has been a roller coaster ride… constantly sick. however, i’m so thankful for this year, which has brought a new job, a new house… and a cute and healthy daughter, who never fails to bring smiles to my face every single day.

i have one wish… i hope and pray that i don’t become sick again… at least for this year!


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