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The Count Down Begins Now!

1 Dec

my two exams in d-9.

my daughter’s first birthday party (with about 80 guests) in d-16.

i’m stressed, just thinking about it…

help me, god!!

oh… and miss ej had a blast in her gym class today.

ever since we got her a mini slide, she’s no longer obsessed with the slides in her gym class. however, she still likes the dangerously huge slide. it’s like she’s instinctively attracted to dangerous and trouble-causing objects and kids. she hardly pays attention to other kids but when she sees an older kid making trouble, she immediately follows and imitates him or her.

she tried crawling through a round tunnel today. however, her new favourite is mini-trampoline. she bounces (very slightly) and it’s the cutest thing!

she continues to dislike the parachute time. the babies in the class absolutely love this activity. one of the babies even hyperventilated, while laughing too hard! miss ej is the only one who frowns during this activity. sigh… she is so unique.


Bells and Whistles for Miss EJ & Yummy Food for Us!

28 Nov

i’m a bit busier on mondays because miss ej has a bells and whistles class (mini music class for infants).

if you are a mom… you would understand, what it is like to get ready and get your kid(s) ready in time for an appointment or class.  there could always be unexpected events which will cause delays; for instance, the kid could have an off-day and decide to nap 30 minutes prior to your appointment and we all know that waking up a kid in the middle of his/her nap is not fun.  especially when you have to dress them and put them in the carseat… or if the kid is really young… they could have a huge poop and you not only have to change their diaper, but change them into a new set of clothes too.  by the time you are done, you are already 15 minutes late.  or if the kid is a toddler or close to the toddler years, like miss ej, they could have an off day and they do all the wrong things; including running away from you, refusing to get dressed and throwing tantrums.  or… the feeding schedule could be off and the kid is hungry and trust me… feeding a baby or even a toddler is not easy.  it takes some time and you start to lose patience.

so, i’m mindful of these unexpected events as i plan ahead from 7 a.m.  i know when she eats and when she takes her nap.  i pray that she will stick to her schedule.  today, miss ej didn’t feel like taking her nap so, putting her to sleep was an ordeal…  she ended up crying and screaming for awhile, until she finally gave in and fell asleep.  miss ej needs to be up an hour prior to her class, so that she can get fed, dressed and go.  she didn’t want to get up from her nap, so she was pretty cranky when i woke her up.  interestingly and thankfully, i find these things somewhat amusing… almost like a game.  it’s physically straining at times, but i still enjoy this part and i know i’m going to miss it one day.

finally, we made it to her class on time! phew…

now, if she could only pay attention and play with other kids… that would be my dream come true… but she’s still a baby, so i know that my expectations are unrealistic.

in her class, miss ej likes to walk around the room while other kids sit still (mostly because they are not mobile yet) and play with their mums.  they shake their maracas, bells and giggle, which causes the mums to smile in return.  miss ej does none of these things… she just walks,walks and walks!  she throws things when they are given to her… like maracas and bells.  sometimes she takes the maracas or bells and licks them while she walks around the room, throughout the entire class time.  every class, the teachers/facilitators comment or ask me to sit miss ej down and help her participate.  oh, i wish i could get her to sit down and participate!

today, i tried to trick her into sitting and doing the activities, which resulted a loud…. very loud scream and cry… to be completely honest, i was embarrassed.  some mums looked at me with an annoyed/pitiful look, but i smiled back and thought to myself… ‘don’t worry, you’ll get to experience this too.’ 🙂

it would help if other kids did the same things too, but unfortunately, all the kids are much younger and none of them are mobile.  they are in their cute, immobile, 4-7 month stage…  i tried to enrol her into the higher class with older, mobile kids, but the class is completely full.

on a good note, she was interested in a tambourine and played with it for 30 seconds. she also liked the mini basketball.  out of all the balls (soccer, spiky, squeaky and cartoon balls), she only wanted to play with the basketball.  her dad, who is a basketball fanatic, would have been proud of her.

me and mr. jq are pretty exhausted by end of the day, so we like to indulge ourselves with some good (and healthy) food.

last night’s dinner – salmon sashimi, yaki mandu (dumplings), sushi rolls, fish ball soup

tonight’s dinner – spicy ‘soondae’ stir fry  (i think it’s time to take out my slr and take better pictures… this one looks just like the one from my past post!)

anyhow, it went down really well with some riesling wine… 🙂

i don’t have many readers now… but if anyone wants recipes to any of the food that i posted, please leave a comment.  i’ll be happy to post it.

ok, i should get some studying done… 2 weeks left until the final exams!!