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Breakfast of Champions

21 Dec

one of the reasons why i started this blog was to write and record the recipes that i developed for miss ej’s food (from baby food/puree to toddler food).  not only did i want to share the recipes, but i also wanted to look back and actually use them again when and if i ever needed to in the future.

i have tons of recipe, but i haven’t had the time to post them and i realized that i do not have available pictures.  however, better late than never and hopefully, i will be able to post all my recipes here, eventually.

when miss ej turned 9 months, she refused to take her baby/puree food.  no more baby cereal and purees.  so, i had to be creative, to give her the appropriate kinds of  food which do not contain any salt, sugar or additives.  miss ej really wanted our adult food and i had to make sure that her food was somewhat similar to our food, without all the junk.  thus, i started to research, explore and experiment.  i had successful and not so successful results.  i’ll only write the successful ones. 🙂

i used to worry a lot about miss ej’s breakfast because i did not want to spend too much time making her breakfast, but i still wanted it to be a good and nutritious meal.  i tried giving miss ej a bowl of cereal with homo milk then some toast with jam.  she didn’t like any of them.  after many tries, i figured out that she loves oatmeal mixed with homo milk.  she probably would like some sugar or syrup in it, but i did not want her to get used to the taste of sugar.  i plan to add some berries and give her some variation in the future.

here is today’s breakfast;

a bowl of oatmeal – a handful of organic quick oats with 2 oz. of homo milk

a cup of yogurt – 2 tbsp of 6% fat natural yogurt mix with 1 tbsp of Activia yogurt

1/2 ripe banana

a 3 oz. cup of homo milk

recently, i weaned miss ej off of her bottle and decided to give her milk in a cup.  i’ve introduced her to a plastic cup when she was around 6 months old and she’s been learning how to drink from it.  she had some difficulties (i.e. choking) initially, but now, she’s pretty good at drinking from a cup.

when i weaned her bottle, i also weaned her formula and switched over to homo milk.  although, she knew the taste of homo milk, she was very hesitant to drink more than 1 oz.  initially, i gave it to her in a plastic cup and she shook her head as soon as she saw the white liquid (instead of the clear liquid/water) inside the cup.  as always, i decided to trick her… 🙂  i noticed that she’s been staring at her dad when he drank his shot of espresso from his starbucks’ espresso cup.  a couple of times, she reached for it, wanting to play with it and imitate her dad.  so, i quickly switched it with a new, but same type of cup and instead of a shot of espresso, i poured in 3 oz. of homo milk.  and voila!  she drank it all and then some! 🙂

for tonight’s dinner, she had these;

a bowl of clam meeyukgook (seaweed soup) mixed with rice

1 clementine orange

1/4 cup of water

here is the recipe for clam meeyukgook (seaweed soup) with no salt, sugar or any additives;


1 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 tsp crushed garlic

1/4 cup of clams

a handful of dry seaweed (meeyuk) – any korean supermarket sells these

2.5 small dry anchovies

3 cm of dry kelp (thicker and wider than seaweed/meeyuk)


1. boil 1-2 cups of water and add dry anchovies and kelp.  lower the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes.

2. soak the dry seaweed in the cold water for 5 minutes.  make sure to soak it in a big bowl (seaweed will expand quite a bit).

3. cut the soaked/expanded seaweed into small pieces (size that your baby is able to swallow)

4. soak the clams in salt water and wash throughly (some of the clams are not very clean, so make sure to wash them).  cut the washed clams into small pieces.

5. heat up a small pot, add sesame oil, garlic and diced clams.  lower the heat and stir.

6. take out the anchovies and kelp from simmered water.  pour the simmered water to the small pot with prepared clams.

7. once the water boils, add the diced seaweed into the boiling water.

8. boil in medium heat for about 7-10 minutes. (i usually add rice at around 7 minutes and boil for another 3 minutes because miss ej likes her rice in the soup)

make sure to taste!  it should taste good and shouldn’t taste too bland, because the natural flavours of anchovies and clams should help the soup to taste more flavourful, although no salt or additives were added.

my girl is a picky eater and if the food isn’t up to par, her mouth is closed tightly and no coaxing will get her mouth to open.

luckily, she loved this soup and she had a pretty big bowl and probably would have had some more.

it may not work for you, especially if your child isn’t into seafood.  my miss ej is a fan of seafood and prefers fish over meat, so this soup works well for her.  even if your child isn’t into seafood, you should try giving it to them!  who knows?  they might love it and it is a nutritious meal!

just be careful if your child is highly allergic, since shell fish (clams) may cause allergic reaction.  however, out of all the shell fish, i find that clams are the safest.


Bells and Whistles for Miss EJ & Yummy Food for Us!

28 Nov

i’m a bit busier on mondays because miss ej has a bells and whistles class (mini music class for infants).

if you are a mom… you would understand, what it is like to get ready and get your kid(s) ready in time for an appointment or class.  there could always be unexpected events which will cause delays; for instance, the kid could have an off-day and decide to nap 30 minutes prior to your appointment and we all know that waking up a kid in the middle of his/her nap is not fun.  especially when you have to dress them and put them in the carseat… or if the kid is really young… they could have a huge poop and you not only have to change their diaper, but change them into a new set of clothes too.  by the time you are done, you are already 15 minutes late.  or if the kid is a toddler or close to the toddler years, like miss ej, they could have an off day and they do all the wrong things; including running away from you, refusing to get dressed and throwing tantrums.  or… the feeding schedule could be off and the kid is hungry and trust me… feeding a baby or even a toddler is not easy.  it takes some time and you start to lose patience.

so, i’m mindful of these unexpected events as i plan ahead from 7 a.m.  i know when she eats and when she takes her nap.  i pray that she will stick to her schedule.  today, miss ej didn’t feel like taking her nap so, putting her to sleep was an ordeal…  she ended up crying and screaming for awhile, until she finally gave in and fell asleep.  miss ej needs to be up an hour prior to her class, so that she can get fed, dressed and go.  she didn’t want to get up from her nap, so she was pretty cranky when i woke her up.  interestingly and thankfully, i find these things somewhat amusing… almost like a game.  it’s physically straining at times, but i still enjoy this part and i know i’m going to miss it one day.

finally, we made it to her class on time! phew…

now, if she could only pay attention and play with other kids… that would be my dream come true… but she’s still a baby, so i know that my expectations are unrealistic.

in her class, miss ej likes to walk around the room while other kids sit still (mostly because they are not mobile yet) and play with their mums.  they shake their maracas, bells and giggle, which causes the mums to smile in return.  miss ej does none of these things… she just walks,walks and walks!  she throws things when they are given to her… like maracas and bells.  sometimes she takes the maracas or bells and licks them while she walks around the room, throughout the entire class time.  every class, the teachers/facilitators comment or ask me to sit miss ej down and help her participate.  oh, i wish i could get her to sit down and participate!

today, i tried to trick her into sitting and doing the activities, which resulted a loud…. very loud scream and cry… to be completely honest, i was embarrassed.  some mums looked at me with an annoyed/pitiful look, but i smiled back and thought to myself… ‘don’t worry, you’ll get to experience this too.’ 🙂

it would help if other kids did the same things too, but unfortunately, all the kids are much younger and none of them are mobile.  they are in their cute, immobile, 4-7 month stage…  i tried to enrol her into the higher class with older, mobile kids, but the class is completely full.

on a good note, she was interested in a tambourine and played with it for 30 seconds. she also liked the mini basketball.  out of all the balls (soccer, spiky, squeaky and cartoon balls), she only wanted to play with the basketball.  her dad, who is a basketball fanatic, would have been proud of her.

me and mr. jq are pretty exhausted by end of the day, so we like to indulge ourselves with some good (and healthy) food.

last night’s dinner – salmon sashimi, yaki mandu (dumplings), sushi rolls, fish ball soup

tonight’s dinner – spicy ‘soondae’ stir fry  (i think it’s time to take out my slr and take better pictures… this one looks just like the one from my past post!)

anyhow, it went down really well with some riesling wine… 🙂

i don’t have many readers now… but if anyone wants recipes to any of the food that i posted, please leave a comment.  i’ll be happy to post it.

ok, i should get some studying done… 2 weeks left until the final exams!!

Let me introduce…

25 Nov

my family.

my husband, mr. jq. is a gentle, loving and good hearted person that i adore (most of the time). he is also the funniest guy i know. one of his greatest characteristics is his sense of humour. he’s pretty silly and corny but i guarantee, he will make you laugh. he works in the i.t. industry, currently as an i.t. recruiter. he has a weird obsession to know about every thing/topic. he will surf and research on the web for hours, even days and acquire unnecessary information, news about anything. however, as a by product, he’s one of the first people to know about the best deals and sales in town.

we got hitched 3.5 years ago. we met at church while i was overseeing that particular church. we eventually hooked up and it all began when he invited me to his birthday dinner. the rest is history… 🙂

my first and only daughter, miss ej. she was born late 2010, the year of the tiger (specifically the white tiger, which comes once every 100 years). her personality matches her year; she is fierce, strong and persistent. she will not back down until she gets what she wants, but more than anything, she loves to laugh, play and is a very affectionate child. she not only has a big personality, but she is also physically very tall (and big, but not fat!). she is currently 11 months old, but fits into 18 month old clothes perfectly. the last time i checked, she is in the 95th percentile in height and 50th percentile in weight. because she is so big, her development has been fast as well. she babbled, crawled and walked earlier than most babies. and currently, she walks well, holding our hands, and all she wants to do is walk, walk, walk.

i will admit, parenting is one of the hardest things i’ve done and taking care of a baby wasn’t easy at first, but my husband and i matured and became more patient and loving through her. the joy and love she brings to us is greater than anything we’ve experienced. we would not trade it for anything else.

my child, before miss ej, was my dog, miss r. she is a 5 lb maltese, good in nature, but very needy. ever since our daughter was born, she hasn’t been getting much attention and became even more needy.

then me…

i was born in 1977 in south korea, unlike my husband who was born in 1979, in ontario, canada. i came to canada in 1988, not knowing a word of english, but i managed to learn. 🙂

i got married at age 31, never thinking i would actually ever get married. i wanted to have a child on my own with a sperm donor, which almost caused my mum a heart attack.

i had various careers, met amazing people along the way, but some, not so amazing.

a couple of years ago, i found that i have a condition called a portal vein aneurysm which i might blog about in the future. it’s a very rare condition and just like any aneurysm, the vein could ‘pop’ in any minute and could be fatal but i’m not the type to live in fear. this condition motivates me to live every day as though it is my last day on this earth.

i’m currently on maternity leave (one month left!), studying part-time to become a certified ESL teacher. taking care of a baby full time and studying part time has been somewhat difficult but i secretly enjoy being able to use my brain and engaging in intellectual matters, not just poopy diapers and drool.

i hope to finish my studies by the end of next summer and at around this time next year, i hope to be working part-time.

i love to cook, especially for miss ej. i’m keen about making nutritious meals, yet making them taste good, like really good! 🙂 i think through the canadian food guide and make sure that my dishes have the right amount of protein, carbs, veggies and fruits. i’m proud to say, miss ej has been doing well, especially with iron and protein intakes, which are essential for babies around her age. it’s so interesting how babies will eat or not eat the same kind of food, depending on how you prepare it. miss ej hates avocados, although i’ve given it to her since she was 5 months old. however, i mix it with her rice and some veggies and then, she loves it!

so, i’ll end my post with the dish that i prepared for dinner tonight. i was rushed and made it in 10 minutes, since miss ej was in a bad mood due to fatigue and teething…

it’s a korean dish called jeayookbokguem (with tofu). a dish that goes well with korean traditional rice wine called ‘so-ju’.

oh… miss ej had tuna&veggie congee (i didn’t have a chance to take a picture).