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Breakfast of Champions

21 Dec

one of the reasons why i started this blog was to write and record the recipes that i developed for miss ej’s food (from baby food/puree to toddler food).  not only did i want to share the recipes, but i also wanted to look back and actually use them again when and if i ever needed to in the future.

i have tons of recipe, but i haven’t had the time to post them and i realized that i do not have available pictures.  however, better late than never and hopefully, i will be able to post all my recipes here, eventually.

when miss ej turned 9 months, she refused to take her baby/puree food.  no more baby cereal and purees.  so, i had to be creative, to give her the appropriate kinds of  food which do not contain any salt, sugar or additives.  miss ej really wanted our adult food and i had to make sure that her food was somewhat similar to our food, without all the junk.  thus, i started to research, explore and experiment.  i had successful and not so successful results.  i’ll only write the successful ones. 🙂

i used to worry a lot about miss ej’s breakfast because i did not want to spend too much time making her breakfast, but i still wanted it to be a good and nutritious meal.  i tried giving miss ej a bowl of cereal with homo milk then some toast with jam.  she didn’t like any of them.  after many tries, i figured out that she loves oatmeal mixed with homo milk.  she probably would like some sugar or syrup in it, but i did not want her to get used to the taste of sugar.  i plan to add some berries and give her some variation in the future.

here is today’s breakfast;

a bowl of oatmeal – a handful of organic quick oats with 2 oz. of homo milk

a cup of yogurt – 2 tbsp of 6% fat natural yogurt mix with 1 tbsp of Activia yogurt

1/2 ripe banana

a 3 oz. cup of homo milk

recently, i weaned miss ej off of her bottle and decided to give her milk in a cup.  i’ve introduced her to a plastic cup when she was around 6 months old and she’s been learning how to drink from it.  she had some difficulties (i.e. choking) initially, but now, she’s pretty good at drinking from a cup.

when i weaned her bottle, i also weaned her formula and switched over to homo milk.  although, she knew the taste of homo milk, she was very hesitant to drink more than 1 oz.  initially, i gave it to her in a plastic cup and she shook her head as soon as she saw the white liquid (instead of the clear liquid/water) inside the cup.  as always, i decided to trick her… 🙂  i noticed that she’s been staring at her dad when he drank his shot of espresso from his starbucks’ espresso cup.  a couple of times, she reached for it, wanting to play with it and imitate her dad.  so, i quickly switched it with a new, but same type of cup and instead of a shot of espresso, i poured in 3 oz. of homo milk.  and voila!  she drank it all and then some! 🙂

for tonight’s dinner, she had these;

a bowl of clam meeyukgook (seaweed soup) mixed with rice

1 clementine orange

1/4 cup of water

here is the recipe for clam meeyukgook (seaweed soup) with no salt, sugar or any additives;


1 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 tsp crushed garlic

1/4 cup of clams

a handful of dry seaweed (meeyuk) – any korean supermarket sells these

2.5 small dry anchovies

3 cm of dry kelp (thicker and wider than seaweed/meeyuk)


1. boil 1-2 cups of water and add dry anchovies and kelp.  lower the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes.

2. soak the dry seaweed in the cold water for 5 minutes.  make sure to soak it in a big bowl (seaweed will expand quite a bit).

3. cut the soaked/expanded seaweed into small pieces (size that your baby is able to swallow)

4. soak the clams in salt water and wash throughly (some of the clams are not very clean, so make sure to wash them).  cut the washed clams into small pieces.

5. heat up a small pot, add sesame oil, garlic and diced clams.  lower the heat and stir.

6. take out the anchovies and kelp from simmered water.  pour the simmered water to the small pot with prepared clams.

7. once the water boils, add the diced seaweed into the boiling water.

8. boil in medium heat for about 7-10 minutes. (i usually add rice at around 7 minutes and boil for another 3 minutes because miss ej likes her rice in the soup)

make sure to taste!  it should taste good and shouldn’t taste too bland, because the natural flavours of anchovies and clams should help the soup to taste more flavourful, although no salt or additives were added.

my girl is a picky eater and if the food isn’t up to par, her mouth is closed tightly and no coaxing will get her mouth to open.

luckily, she loved this soup and she had a pretty big bowl and probably would have had some more.

it may not work for you, especially if your child isn’t into seafood.  my miss ej is a fan of seafood and prefers fish over meat, so this soup works well for her.  even if your child isn’t into seafood, you should try giving it to them!  who knows?  they might love it and it is a nutritious meal!

just be careful if your child is highly allergic, since shell fish (clams) may cause allergic reaction.  however, out of all the shell fish, i find that clams are the safest.