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Miss EJ’s Dol (1st Birthday Party) Pictures

4 Jan

here are some pictures (of the decorations) from miss ej’s first birthday party.

no, the decorations were not done by me.  we hired a party stylist, who is very talented and well-knowledged in ‘dol’ (korean traditional 1st birthday).

i’m so glad that we hired the party stylist.  she made this day much easier and extra special!

head table

another shot of the head table

head table banner & cake

birthday cake (sugar cake & cupcakes)

absolutely loved the cake – the cupcakes were not only pretty but also tasty!

photo table

another shot of the photo table

doljabi event:  doljabi is an event that occurs on a child’s first birthday.  the child is placed in front of a table with a display of symbolic items like pens, books, rice, money, and so forth. Korean parents believe that their child’s fate will be dictated by whatever he or she picks up at the doljabi. A child who grabs a pen, for example, will become a scholar, while a child who grabs a bundle of string will have a long life. This event is usually eagerly watched by the crowd.

miss ej chose the microphone, which means that she will become a singer or announcer or mc or any type of career that uses a microphone.  perhaps, she will become a great speaker, speaking to a crowd about god and his amazing grace! 🙂

these are not all the pictures from the party, but unfortunately, i don’t plan on posting pictures of miss ej or guests, so i don’t have many pictures that i can post.

oh! if anyone wants any info, such as the party stylist’s contact info or restaurant info, please click ‘contact me’ and send me a note.