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My Favourite Things…

20 Jan

today, i had a chance to look at some of the pictures that i took in the past month or so.  looking back at these pictures, it reminded of me some of my favourite moments with my family.

here are some;

i love seeing father and daughter play together.  it’s such a special relationship and it warms my heart to see them together.  seeing them play, laugh and have fun is one of my favourite things.


like many women out there, i’m also a fan of shoes.  i adore shoes.  for myself and also for my daughter.  i have a whole collection of shoes for my daughter and for most of them, she only wore them once or twice but they are too cute.  my husband thinks i buy way too many shoes for our daughter, but i really can’t resist…  they are one of my favourites!


spending quality time with my husband, eating yummy food with some bubbly is one of my favourites.  ok, we don’t eat or drink like this all the time.  this was from our new year’s eve celebration.

last, but not least… my daughter and her long, curly eye lashes.  she has the longest and curled-up lashes i’ve ever seen and i don’t know where she got them from!  anyways, it’s definitely one of my favourite things…

speaking of favourites, my daughter also has some of her own favourites.


before she turned one, she just loved going through tunnels.  not so much anymore.  she also likes this mini trampoline and she still does.  she’s very active and anything that gets her going… are her favourite things (thus far).


my daughter is obsessed with letters and books.  every so often, she gets up in the middle of the night and requests that i read her some books.  she will grab a book and bring it to me and start flipping pages in the dark, at 3 a.m.  i think she has a bit of an obsessive personality… when she likes something, that’s all she does, all day long.  the second picture shows one of her favourite toys.  she becomes obsessed with closing these pop up animals.  she has to make sure that everything is closed, otherwise, she can’t move on.  it’s kinda cute now, but probably not so much, if she continues to be like this.


i guess this is both my daughter’s and my favourite thing – hanging out at indigo bookstore.  miss ej has lots of fun playing with different toys and i get to have my starbucks and shop around.  win-win.

ok, i almost forgot to put my hubby’s favourites.  he’s a simple guy, so he doesn’t have too many favourites, but here are a few;                

yes, it is in order… first, ufc.  second, nba.  third, macbook air (and steve jobs).  miss ej must get her obsessiveness from her dad, because my husband can spend many hours watching or utilizing these things.  these are his all time favourites.

however, i have to admit.  i know that these two people in the below picture trump everything.  as much as my husband loves jesus, he loves us just as much.  my daughter and i are so thankful and very lucky to have him as husband and dad.

btw… an update (from my past post).

so i ended up applying to a position at a highly reputable company.  i got a call the next morning.  i had a phone interview on the same day, in the afternoon.  an in person interview occurred the day after, at 8:30 a.m.  i had three sets of gruelling interviews with 6 different people, in a span of 2 hours.  i ended up getting an offer at the end of my interview.  this was the fastest offer i’ve ever received.  i still have not made my decision, more so because this happened unexpectedly and way too fast.  i have not had much time to think or pray about it.  i usually take a long time (months) to make a decision, especially an important one such as this…  at this point, i’m not leaning to any decision and i can definitely go either way.  i’ll be praying and seeking god’s direction over the weekend and plan to talk it over with the family.  currently, i’m excited for a new opportunity and to be working again, yet, feel guilty to leave my daughter behind.  if i do go back to work, my comfort is that my mom will be taking care of my daughter and she doesn’t have to be left at a daycare all day long.  however, i do want to stay with her and watch her grow.  i think by early next week, i will have some answers.  to be continued…