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Guu-d Food!

30 Jan

a couple of saturdays ago, my husband and i went out for some food and drinks.  i guess you can call it a date night, but i personally don’t like to call it that, because i don’t feel that we have to go out to have a ‘date night’.  the best ‘date night’ for me, is when my husband and i lie down in our bed and talk about our mistakes, failures, successes and the direction that god is leading us, personally and as a family.  god often convicts us separately, in our own time of prayer, but when we come together and talk about it, we find that our convictions are very similar.  it’s awesome to know that god speaks to us separately, but also together.

so on this night, we ended up going to a restaurant called ‘guu izakaya’ on church street.  it was the first time for my husband and the second time for me.  we had a good time and it was nice to share some good food with a date.

if you’ve been there, you’ll know that this place is loud!  waiters and chefs shout some sort of greeting (in japanese) when customers enter and leave the restaurant.  there’s also a long lineup, especially on the weekends.  it’s a sake-bar, and the dishes are tapas style and well-suited for drinks.

we ordered lots of food and here are some of my favourites – if you haven’t tried these yet, you must!!



scallop and enoki mushroom


salmon natto yukke

this picture was taken the last time i was there.  the best dish!

here are my husband’s fav’s;


this was his ultimate favourite, but i personally found it too greasy.

gyu tongue

i thought it would be gross, but it was actually tasty and the meat is very tender.

sapporo draft beer - big mug

this mug is huge!!  it is truly a ‘big mug’ and my husband loved it!

here are the so-so ones;

yellowtail sashimi - from special menu

we had high expectations when we ordered this dish from the special menu, because when we went to japan, the sashimi was out of this world!  it was the best sashimi we’ve ever tasted and we were hoping that this dish would come somewhat close.  it didn’t.  the fish wasn’t fresh and it was tasteless.


this one tasted just like the okonomiyaki, except it had octopus filling inside.  we heard that this was one of the best dishes but we didn’t think so.


it would have been better if it was crispy.  it’s pretty soggy.

we were very happy and full at the end of the night, but we ended up having an argument on our way home, over something really small.  yup, that’s marriage!

posting these pictures made me hungry, so i made myself a late night snack – bibim guksu.

ok, it was more like a full dinner…  oh boy, my already tight clothes are going to be tighter tomorrow… maybe it’s time to buy bigger clothes… sigh…