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When Do You Lose Your Pregnancy Weight?

1 Dec

i’ll tell you up front. i gained somewhere between 45-50 pounds during my pregnancy (i stopped counting after 43).

i’m 5″ 3′ and my weight used to be within a good, healthy range. i’m a big eater but i like to exercise and stay active.

although i’m a big eater, luckily, i’ve never been very large. i always wore size 0-2 clothes. however, once i got engaged and moved into my thirties, i gained 8 pounds. i had bought my wedding dress as soon as i got engaged (when i was 8 lb. less) then, when i had my second fitting, which was a month later, my wedding dress was way too small and it had to be altered all over again. i almost needed a new wedding dress! oh man, i wanted to cry. my wedding dress ended up not fitting so well on my wedding day.

then, after marriage, i managed to gain 2 more pounds and hit +10 pounds. yay! 😦

yes, my husband and i love eating. we like to eat a lot of food, until our stomach is full that it feels like it’s going to explode! i also cook a large amount of food, which doesn’t help either.

still, my weight was in the healthy range. i wasn’t happy, but i still fit into size 4 dresses and i was happy with that.

then, pregnancy came along… and it was another level!

once i got pregnant, i stopped exercising. early in my pregnancy, there were some complications so, as much as i missed exercising, i had to stop.

not only that, i had bad nausea until 6 months into my pregnancy and the only way to keep my food down was to keep my stomach full. every time i was somewhat hungry, i threw up, so i ate quite a bit.

pregnancy + eating a lot + no exercise = i looked and felt awful. i’ve never been so big in my life!

my mom is very traditional and an easily persuaded person, who tells you what’s on her mind (without any tact or wisdom). she had told me, even before i got pregnant that i ‘must’ lose all my pregnancy weight by 6 months after giving birth. If you pass that point, i will keep the weight forever! she was firm and sure about this myth and as i much as i shook my head and told her that’s nonsense, i was secretly scared.

i also have friends, who lost all of their pregnancy weight within a couple of months after giving birth. they also did not try to lose the weight. no exercise, not watching what they ate and they ‘naturally’ lost it all!

this wasn’t the case for me. not at all.

i lost half of my weight by the 2nd month after giving birth. i was happy because, i thought… at this rate, i’ll lose it all in no time! i ate well as i was breastfeeding exclusively. i was told that breastfeeding helps to shed the weight, so i wasn’t particularly concerned about my weight at all.

the 3rd month came along and i was at the same weight, same with the 4th month. everyone is different, but for me, breastfeeding did not help with weight loss. it actually encouraged weight gain because i was constantly hungry. my baby ate well, at times, eating every 30 minutes for hours, so i was hungry all the time. also, i had to eat well to make sure that my baby was getting enough nutrients from my milk.

around the 4th month, i decided to add one formula a day so that when i decide to wean, it would be an easier transition. miss ej hated formula in the beginning, but with some tricks, she eventually took it.

i weaned her fully, around the 8th month and my weight began to go down. more so because, once i stopped breastfeeding, i was able to exercise (it’s hard to jump, when your boobs are full; they are quite heavy) and control what i ate (i wasn’t as hungry and didn’t have to care too much about eating nutritious food).

i picked up jogging again and i ran almost everyday but i ended up injuring my knee. it was too much exercise, too fast. damn…

around this time, my weight went down 10-15 more pounds. however, it stopped. i reached a plateau and my weight didn’t budge for awhile.

so for 1 month, i started a weight loss program on my own, mainly consisting of eating high amounts of protein, less portions and doing some walking, here and there. this worked for me and after a month, i lost another 10 pounds and i was finally back to my pre-pregancy weight.

anyways, about 9 months after giving birth, i finally went back to my pre-pregnancy weight and now, at 11.5 months after giving birth, i’ve lost a bit more. more so, because babies around this age are very active and following them around is a workout in itself. in my case, miss ej is a big girl, weighing around 21-22 pounds, so lifting and carrying her have been a workout as well. plus, i still continue to eat somewhat healthy. we don’t eat any processed/white rice (which is the biggest portion of our meal) at our house. we eat multigrain rice, consisting of 7 different grains. however, we do eat processed food when we go out to eat or have take-out food.

weight loss is not easy, but losing pregnancy weight was even harder (for me).

just like pregnancy and parenting… losing your pregnancy weight requires your patience. in time, the pregnancy weight will go down.

do not believe people who say that the weight has to go down within certain amount of time – that’s not true. don’t compare yourself to others – it’s destructive. as they say, it took 9 months to gain the weight, it will take same amount to lose it.

as much as i want to say that i do not care about superficial things, such as weight, in all honesty, i do. call me superficial, but it is important to me. not just to look good and fit into pretty clothes, but i feel much healthier and lighter when i’m not heavy. i do not wish to be super skinny like models, but i want to be at a point, where i feel comfortable. i don’t feel comfortable when i’m too skinny either.

i have to admit, it’s difficult to be perfectly happy with your body image. even now, my body isn’t the way it used to be. the parts that were small, got even more smaller and the areas that were big, have gotten even bigger (like my stomach). it’s like all the fats from my body moved to my stomach and upper body. it’s all concentrated there… i guess, my solution is to exercise and tone my body. however, this solution has to wait until i finish my studies and miss ej grows up a bit. i absolutely have no time to exercise… 😦

so all you people with no kids… exercise to your heart’s content (while you can) and for those of you who are pregnant or just gave birth, don’t lose heart! it will come!!